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Project Par Most Wanted

Our top selling programs

Performance Studio Analysis

See Everything, Improve Faster

This is access to either an individual session or as part of the monthly membership. Analyze your swing with top notch instruction and all the best tech equipment. GCQuad, Swing Catalyst, and Sportsbox AI 3D will help you transform your game faster and better than ever before.

Titleist Performance Institute Assessment

Establish a baseline

16pt Assessment, we believe this is the most important part of offerings. Establish your journeys baseline by finding out exactly where your body stands and how we can improve your golf swing through mobility and strength. After the whole-body assessment we go through the Power Assessment and after these 2 assessments we will be able to attack the issues and get you swinging better than before by making your body more golf ready.

3D Swing Analysis

Measured Learning

Our markerless 3D software, we film and generate a 3D model that will will show you all your measurements in tilt and rotation. No better way to see what is actually going on in your swing.

Unlimited Lesson Membership

Unlimited Potential

Our most popular offering! Where else can you book as many lessons as you want in 30 days, free supervised practice, and plenty of tools at your disposal. You will see results from your commitment because we are committed to you


    Ultimate learning portal, technology and supreme coaching
    Valid for 6 months
    • Unlimited 1:1 Performance Studio Lessons for 180 days
    • Foresight Sports GCQuad Launch Monitor
    • Swing Catalyst Swing Analysis dual high speed cameras
    • SportsboxAI 3D Golf Swing Analysis
    • SAM PuttLab
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